Pakistan Public Works Department (Pak PWD) owes its origin to pre partition days and system of Government. After independence a gigantic task of rehabilitation of refugees and establishment of offices/ residences was entrusted to it which was successfully copied with the office accommodation in AM Area Karachi and Central Government Residences in Martin Claytom Jehangir Road and Pakistan Quarters are still in service and reminds the job accomplishment in most tiring conditions. Pak PWD has also played its vital role in construction of Roads, Bridges and Airports. Few examples are re-modeling of Jacobabad Airport, Dhok Matcal Bridge Priwadhai and Carriage way from Zero Point to Faizabad Islamabad, Renovation of Flag Staff House Karachi, Renovation of GPO Lahore, Construction of Custom House Karachi etc.



  1. All Federally funded works except those funded from Defence budget
  2. Acquisition and development of Federal Government lands.
  3. Maintenance of all federally owned Government Buildings and their furnishing like Maintenance of P.M Secretariat, P.M House, Minister’s Enclave, Supreme Court Judges Enclave, State Guest House Lahore, Karachi and other prestigious buildings except those financed from Defence budget.
  4. Construction of federally financed Government Offices and residential accommodation.
  5. Management of Federal Lodges.
  6. To act as technical adviser to Federal Government in Engineering matters.